Word of Honour

Theme song for the "Once a Scout, Always a Scout" 110th Anniversary Jamboree

To celebrate the 110th anniversary of Scouting in HK, the headquarters will organize a jamboree under the theme of SDGs@HK110Jam in hope to integrate traditional scouting activities and the principles of SDGs. This event aims to promote core values of the scout movement, inspire youngsters to become good citizens, spread positive mindset and team spirit for a better society. This jamboree is intended for scouts and uniformed groups, local and overseas so we can share the happiness of being together.

We invited renown musicians - lyricist Leung Pak Kin, composer/singer Joey Tang and producer Schumann Lee to create a special theme song “Word of Honour” for the jamboree.

“Word of Honour” signifies the scout promise.
“Once a Scout, Always a Scout”

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